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To discover the universe of CHEVAL DES 3, borrow one of the uncountable entries which are presented to you. No code nor password. Everything is there, facing you. They gather because they look like us.
Generous, collusive, critical they address "people", you and me.

Their repertoire, is fed by musical culture of the Eastern countries, with a very current western anchoring.
It oscillates between songs and pieces more rock 'n' roll (even punk) and joyful.
Reactive, their show is adaptable to various contexts. They appreciate creating new situations by playing with people and architecture.
Olivier Masson
60, Le village
38140 Saint Paul d’Izeaux - France
Tél. : +33 (0)4 76 07 82 19
Tél. : +33 (0)6 81 76 59 39

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What is popular music today ?
The answer came to the group by listening to the song recitals in the evenings, in the parties. The pieces are linked, mix, carefree of chronology, classification, style. Sometimes there is somebody who makes slide shyly, casually, between a mazurka and a punk rock, its text, its composition. We had the feeling that exactly in these moments, the resolutely popular music, is born, reborn and is shared. The concerts of "CHEVAL DES 3" correspond to this image. To be able to share completely this music, ring it, without being 15 on stage, without electric guitars… Was needed a work of thorough arrangement, a sound research, It was also necessary to divide into halves the energy and the generosity and to use another tradition, that of the street theater. It is the trademark of "CHEVAL DES 3". Devilish, euphoric, lyric trio, brass band of chamber music or garage.


• Je t'aime mon Amour • u nas vchera s pozavchera • La Mémoire
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