This project is resolutely focused on the establishment of a dia- logue with the street and the creation of a music fed by place and the moment.

Instrumentalists (duo, trio or quartet), augmented by the mobile electroacoustic set-up
- baritone saxophone(s)
- cello
- electroacoustic set-up (including devices for recording, processing and diffusion).


Les Évolutionnaires
6, Av. Aristide Briand
38260 La Côte Saint André - France

Tél. : +33 (0)4 76 07 82 19
Tél. : +33 (0)6 81 76 59 39

SUPER GRAVE (‘Really grave’)...
... is akin to what we could say every day in response to the state of the world and the mental health of its dominant species. We hope to approach this beginning of the 21st century with gravitas, though having hope and desire to inspire human encounters free of judgement and distrust.

An art to experience, not merely to consume...
Super Grave activates the sounds of places with both traditional instruments and with electroacoustic music equipment. The intention is to highlight the atmosphere of these sites and create dialogues with the musics they inspire; to bring to the fore the musics/sounds of the specific site, inherent to the architecture and the activities of these places. The performance is addressed equally to passers-by as to invited audiences : it aims to place the public in an audio situation where the sonic environment and the public are integrated into the artists’ performance.




30 mai > Ath (B) - Festival « Sortilèges, Rue & Vous ! » (+infos)

1er juin > Valence (26) - Inauguration exposition Gerda Steiner et Jorg Lenzlinger .


Montage sonore réalisé à partir d'une captation de JF Welter le 15 septembre 2018 à Crolles (38) à l'issue d'une semaine de résidence à l'Espace Paul Jargot.


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