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With LE PETIT CIRQUE, electro-acoustic musician Laurent Bigot creates an installation evocative of a circus ring, upon which he sets objects and toys into motion. The frictions and vibrations created by these movements are picked up by microphones and diffused without any special effects.
Sound guides each of his actions.

LE PETIT CIRQUE has been presented in 25 countries : France, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Finland, Russia, Poland, Switzerland, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Israël, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, USA, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Cuba, Luxembourg, Hungary and Serbia.

LE PETIT CIRQUE is presented on page 115 of LA COLLECTION, catalog of the FRENCH INSTITUT (download it by Clicking HERE).

2019 :
March 6 > Hasselt (B) Krokus Festival
March 30 > Utrecht (NL) - Tweetakt festival
May 16 and 18 > Majorque (E) Festival de Teresetes
Supported by : Institut Français de Madrid
June 16-18> Horn (At) - SZENE Waldviertel Festival
September 14-15 > Nettancourt (55) festival "T'as pas 5 minutes"
October 22-30 Tour in Algeria : Alger, Annaba, Constantine, Tlemcen and Oran

December 14th > Gex (F01) - canceled

Le Petit Cirque is a complex sound object object made of wood, plastic, strings, springs and fragility. A mere breath can set it vibrating. Small microphones draw resources from its interior.
Le Petit Cirque is a circus.  Its handling is perilous, the danger of falling ever-present.
Le Petit Cirque is made from odds and ends, salvaged material and cheap gadgets, but never relies on anecdote. Sound emerges frommise en scène. Action nourishes sound and sound gives new meaning to action.  Improvisation and the chance of mechanics.
This theater of sound objects explores two distinct and interacting concepts. The first is how stereotypical circus imagery alters one’s perception of the performance’s musical aspect. The second, and more abstract, is how sound allows the spectator to see these theatrical situations from a different perspective.

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