D'un air instable
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Laurent Bigot does not tell. He instills the living in his relation to the inanimate object. He is a musician and germinates the possibility of another narration. A story that everyone does in his own way but a story undeniably linked to our societies with their hopes and fears.
Les Évolutionnaires
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Glass bottles, plastic bottles, metal cans, baudruches, medical hose, aquarium faucets. Two fridge engines, some pickups. Air flows will tickle objects, malleable or in precarious balance. In doing so they generate a universe of sound. Objects move, breathe, whistle, crack, belch, whirr ... It is tempting to play with them. However the object is a hazardous partner.

Anchored in the present, AN UNSTABLE AIR staged disposable objects, discarded. Beyond this image, their use develops a complex impression, creating in the spectator a feeling of proximity, even of familiarity. Discarded is born emotion.

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